NBC2 Report Falsifies Cuban Protests at White House

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:17 PM ET

Wednesday, Patria y Vida – Naples uploaded a Facebook post exposing NBC2 News of the Naples/Fort Myers area for reporting misinformation regarding the protests against the Cuban government at the White House.

“But protestors want the U.S. to end the Cuban blockade altogether,” the reporter explained, thereafter showing an image of protestors who traveled from Southwest Florida, describing their experience.

However, NBC2 did not report that the group they are referencing did not support lifting the “blockade” (embargo) on Cuba. Instead, they let the prior comments stand.

“We demand NBC2 to correct that note and apologize to the Cuban community that has been on the streets for more than two weeks, asking for increased sanctions against the murderous Cuban dictatorship and a free internet for Cubans,” Patria y Vida – Naples’ Facebook post read.

NBC2’s report comes as the Cuban protests continue and left-wing outlets produce propaganda as to the reasons and grievances pertaining to the demonstrations.

Cubans are protesting against the brutal tendencies of the socialist, communist dictatorship in Cuba. By-and-large, the concern is not against the U.S. embargo on Cuba; rather, it is the authoritarianism taking place by the Cuban government.

The “blockade” on Cuba has been used as the prime talking point of members of the American left, like Bernie Sanders, who placed blame on the U.S. for Cuba’s harsh living conditions, rather than the socialism in government.

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