New DeSantis Law Requires Students to Learn Evils of Communism, Totalitarianism

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:27 PM ET

Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed three bills into law targeting public high school education in the state.

High School students will be required to learn the “evils of communism and totalitarian ideologies,” DeSantis said at a press conference.

“Whatever you do [after high school], the civics [are] gonna be relevant because you are going to be a citizen.”

“We want all students to understand the difference – why would somebody flee across shark infested waters, say, leaving from Cuba, to come to southern Florida? Why would somebody leave a place like Vietnam? Why would people leave these countries and risk their lives to be able to come here?”

The laws will also require university students to take a civil literacy course and assessment as a graduation requirement. Additionally, universities will need to perform annual assessments on the “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity” at their college.

DeSantis continued, saying, “We do not want a curriculum that is judging students based on their race and we do not want false history like you see with this 1619 Project.”

The new Florida laws continue a culture war winning streak from DeSantis, a rising star in the Republican Party who recently polled ahead of former President Donald Trump, by instituting modern conservative arguments on hot issues into government action.

Since the 2016 and 2020 elections, Florida has become an increasingly lost hope for Democrats hoping to clinch the state’s electoral votes, which have increased since the 2020 census to 30, while left-leaning states lost votes. 

Trump’s performance in Florida strengthened in the 2020 election, due to a Hispanic swing in the largely-Democrat southern Florida in Trump’s favor, a red flag for Democrats.

Since DeSantis’ win in 2018 and Florida’s strong COVID-19 performance, his  state approval rating has rebounded well above 50%, garnering decent numbers even among Florida Democrats.

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