Nikki Fried Supported Mask & Vaccine Mandates, Claims She’s “Pro-Freedom”

February 18, 2022 Updated 2:51 PM ET

February 18th, 2021 Updated 2:49 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Amidst the Florida House of Representatives’ passage of HB 5, a bill that would effectively ban abortion after 15 weeks with very few exceptions, Agriculture Commissioner and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried claimed she has always been “pro-freedom”:

Onlookers do not doubt Fried’s pro-choice stance on choosing to kill a fetus, but many jumped to expose Fried’s anti-freedom stances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite her claiming she has publicly opposed vaccine mandates, in July of 2021, she urged Governor Ron DeSantis (R) to “drop the lawsuit” against the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for mandating cruise lines to require vaccination of their passengers.

Not only that, but Fried was a vocal supporter of mask mandates.

There are several instances of the Florida Democrat proposing anti-freedom mask mandates, like in July of 2020 when she urged DeSantis to “mandate that Floridians #WearAMask.”

In August of 2020, Fried again begged DeSantis to force masks on Floridians:

Fried even publicly explained her position on mask mandates, saying she “called for a statewide mask order”:

Ironically, on July 4 of 2020, the celebration of America’s independence and freedom, Fried called for a “mask order”:

Fried also urged a mask order on July 17 of 2020:

Critics of Fried are confused as to where she came up with her “pro-freedom” talking point when her policy recommendations would deprive Floridians of their freedom.

DeSantis has said that no lockdowns will return to Florida again, seemingly showcasing a true “pro-freedom” platform.

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