No- a QAnon Event is NOT coming to Fort Myers, Media Twists Continue

February 26, 2021 Updated 3:20 PM ET


The Red Pill RoadShow, a conservative group who put on free speech events throughout the country, in conjunction with The Florida Conservative, a conservative advocate based in Fort Myers, is hosting General Michael Flynn at the Treetop Rooftop Lounge in Fort Myers next month for a fundraiser.

Naturally, since Flynn is the keynote speaker, the media is doing media things to scare people away from this event. NBC2 decided to make a HUGE deal out of nothing with this report. They’re tying it to QAnon.

QAnon are a right-wing fringe group who believe a secret cabal of international sex traffickers to be conspiring alongside members of the American government’s deep state. They also view former President Donald Trump as a sort of messianic figure, chosen by God to stop the supposed syndicate.

The simple truth is, this event is a fundraiser for the SWFL Heroes Foundation and The Florida Conservative PAC, both organizations are founded by Michael Thompson.

Brian Gamble, President of The Red Pill RoadShow sent UnBossed Reporting this statement about NBC2’s attack:

“To say we’re a Q event or anything like that – nothing could be further from the truth. We’re a free speech event. To nobody’s surprise, this and many other statements were conveniently left out of the NBC 2 aired segment about the upcoming event. It’s the typical scare tactic used against our events to try and suppress opposing political views in the public domain. Neither their lies, nor the veiled threats made by the Lee County NAACP President, will stop us from providing a platform built on free speech for all.”

-Brian Gamble, President of The Red Pill RoadShow

To tie a bow on this, what we have here is the media making a controversy to sell headlines. This is how they operate, because of this, you now have people in the community worried about violence.

The fundraiser is not being marketed to Q followers. It’s being marketed to normal people. NBC2 is unfairly generalizing Conservatives as conspiracy theorists. It’s fake news. Q is an extremely small group within the GOP. Check out this recent poll, only 4% of Trump supporters believe these ideas.

Do these tactics remind you of anything? They should. This same generalization was used against police during the height of the BLM movement in 2020. They made millions believe all cops are racist. When in fact, this is completely false.

The media claims to care about you, they don’t. It’s their bottom dollar they truly care about.

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