NYC Democrat Vaccine Passports Disproportionately Affect Minorities, DeSantis Protects Them

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:12 PM ET

August 17, 2021 Updated 7:00 P.M. ET

FORT MYERS, FL – As Republican-led states like Florida exit the COVID-19 pandemic with an open economy and personal liberties and freedoms intact, Democrat areas like New York City are cracking down on individuals with intense medical public health ordinances.

Tuesday, New York City’s vaccine mandate took effect. It is being instituted by Mayor Bill DeBlasio (D). Proof of a government issued vaccination card against COVID-19 is required in restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues, and other businesses.

The policy is widely criticized by advocates for personal freedom. In contrast to Democrat efforts to crack down on the freedom of Americans, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed into law a measure banning vaccine passports

In addition to the personal freedom argument Republicans present regarding vaccine passports and mandates, the hypocrisy of Democrats in relation to the disproportionate vaccination rates has been criticized. 

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), black Floridians represent 17% of COVID-19 deaths while composing 15% of the state’s population. In New York, black people account for 21% of COVID-19 deaths and are 16% of the population.

Some states have seen a reverse in this statistical trend, but KFF notes that “black and Hispanic people have received smaller shares of vaccinations compared to their shares of cases and compared to their shares of the total population in most states.” KFF explains that consequentially, black people are likely more vulnerable to COVID-19.

However, in places like New York City, a disproportionate vaccination rate means a disproportionate amount of black Americans will be barred from public accommodations and businesses. Florida’s Conservative Voice Editor-in-Chief, Brendon Leslie, noted the discrepancy on Twitter:

Typically, Democrats have criticized Republicans for not paying enough political attention racial discrepancies on many socio-economic issues. Republicans tend to point out the fact that legal and corporate discrimination is outlawed in modern America, and that all Americans have equal opportunity.

However, the Democrat policy on vaccine mandates and passports factually targets black Americans and favors white Americans with access to public accommodations and businesses.

Governor DeSantis has maintained his dedication to the freedom of Floridians and to protecting public health to the best of his ability, recently deploying a Regenerin “Rapid Response Unit,” which Florida’s Conservative Voice reported on Saturday.

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