NYC Mayor Adams Takes Shot at FL Anti-Grooming Law, Invites Floridians to Crime-Infested City

April 5, 2022 Updated 9:56 AM ET


April 5, 2022 Updated 9:56 A.M. ET

NEW YORK (FCV) – New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced the launch of an ad campaign in which the city plans to place billboards across the state of Florida urging residents of the sunshine state to move to New York City over the state’s new “Parental Rights in Education” law. 

The New York Democrat, however, stuck to his party’s false narrative surrounding the bill, calling it the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Standing at a podium plastered with the word “Gay,” Adams stated, “This is the city where we are proud to talk about how you can live in a comfortable setting and not be harassed, not be abused – not only as adults but also as young people.”

The Florida law, however, does not mention the word “gay” a single time and simply outlaws public schools from teaching gender and sexual orientation in grades K-3. 

Flanking the mayor on both sides were some examples of the billboards the city of New York has placed in five Florida counties. They contain false phrases attacking the new Florida law. One reads, “people say a lot of ridiculous things in New York. ‘Don’t Say Gay’ isn’t one of them.” 

The mayor’s invitation for people to move into the city in order to avoid what he calls “abuse” is seen as ironic by conservatives due to New York City’s spike in violent crime, up almost 45 percent from last year.

Critics were quick to point out that the mayor should be focusing on the abuse occurring in his own backyard rather than an anti grooming law across the country. Among them, Florida Governor Ron Desantis’ (R) Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw tweeted,“Countless NYers have moved here since the pandemic. I doubt many will leave due to our lack of K-3 gender theory instruction.”

Adams made the statement attacking the Florida Parental Rights law just four days after a 12 year-old boy was shot and killed in the crossfire of an intense and bloody shooting in Brooklyn. Meanwhile on Sunday, a 70 year-old Sikh man from India was brutally attacked and beaten in a suspected hate crime whilst on his way to the Sikh temple. 

A poll conducted by Politico found that a majority of voters support the Florida legislation. Another survey conducted by the Morning Consult found that among 9,386 adults working in New York City, 40% wished to move away due to violent crime. The Morning Consult survey also found a whopping 84% of New Yorkers believe the city’s conditions have worsened over the last two years. 

These polls have caused many to express their frustration with the new mayor and seem to suggest that voters would rather he focus on fixing his home city of New York rather than criticizing the non-existent “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida.

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