‘Objective’ FL Reporter Peter Schorsch Won’t Define ‘Woman’

March 23, 2022 Updated 9:15 AM ET

Schorsch Lia

March 23, 2022 Updated 9:15 A.M. ET

SAINT PETERSBURG (FCV) – In response to Governor Ron DeSantis’ declaration that Emma Weyant, who placed second behind male competitor Lia Thomas in the NCAA Women’s 500-yard Freestyle, is the rightful winner, Florida Politics owner Peter Schorsch exclaimed that a “trans woman is a woman.”

“I’m not saying I agree with Lia Thomas being able to compete in women’s sports (I tend to agree with the @DavidAFrench position in this argument), but its just hateful to call Lia Thomas a man,” he said.

In response, Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire asked Schorsch to define the word ‘woman.’ Schorsch would not get around to responding to Walsh until he quoted-tweeted him.

Schorsch responded “Thank you for your persistence” and that he does not “think anything I write back to you will convince you of anything new.”

Walsh responded that Schorsch “won’t define the word woman” and questioned that if Schorsch does not know what the word ‘woman’ means, why did he claim that trans women are women?

Except for extraordinarily rare cases, women are born XX chromosomes while men have XY chromosomes. Males are known for higher testosterone production, while women are known for characteristically higher estrogen and lower testosterone.

Even if a male tries to alter their hormones, their chromosomes cannot be changed, and hormonal changes that occurred during puberty in males cannot be entirely reversed and athletic advantages remain visible, due to factors like height, bone density, and testosterone production that still eclipses women.

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