Out-of-State Schools Recruiting Florida Teachers Wanting to Teach Kids Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

August 16, 2022 Updated 2:55 PM ET

Letter from Fargo County Public Schools and other officials to Florida Educators.
Letter from Fargo County Public Schools and other officials to Florida Educators.

August 16, 2022 Updated 9:29 A.M. ET

FARGO COUNTY (FLV) – Fargo County Schools of North Dakota sent out a letter to “Florida Educators” asking them to consider moving out of the Sunshine State to teach in Fargo.

The letter is authored by Superintendent Rupak Gandhi, Director of Equality and Inclusion Tamara Uselman, City Commissioner John Strand, and Democrat State Rep. Josh Boschee.

“The purpose of this letter is two-fold: 1) to demonstrate support for Florida’s LGBTQ+ education community in response to HB 1557; and 2) to share an opportunity to be embraced, welcomed, and celebrated here in Fargo, North Dakota for individuals struggling with what must be a very difficult decision about whether to stay or to leave Florida for a more supportive community,” they say.

The letter says that Fargo schools are not “perfectly inclusive” and that they have “more work to do.” They brag that their county is the first in the state to hire a “Director of Equity and Inclusion.”

The authors go on to list a multitude of “micro-project” examples in each “goal area” relating to being “culturally supportive” and promoting a “diverse school environment.”

They slammed what they referred to as “anti-LGBT legislation” being considered in North Dakota, vetoed by the governor.

Legislation signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis – the Parental Rights in Education Act – does not discriminate or target LGBTQ Floridians. Rather, it primely prevents teachers from instructing young children in grades K-3 about sexual orientation or gender identity, topic of disdain for left-wing activists.

In response, DeSantis campaign Director of Rapid Response Christina Pushaw said, “Fargo can have them,” on the idea that teachers wanting to teach young children about sexual orientation would leave Florida.

“Fun fact: nothing in the legislation bans Floridians from saying the word ‘GAY,'” she went on.

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