Report: Palm Beach Post Lies, Takes Soros-Connected Money from ProPublica

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:18 PM ET


Earlier this month, ProPublica published a story titled “The Smoke Comes Every Year. Sugar Companies Say the Air Is Safe,” alleging that sugar farmers are abusing the environment’s air quality in Florida by setting fire to sugar fields.

The Capitolist published an article dissecting the propaganda-type quid pro quo that took place: ProPublica paid for a show-stopping, political report with a clear bias, and the Palm Beach Post produced it. Before any reporting or investigating began, a politically charged conclusion was reached.

The report details how ProPublica’s mission is stated to be an activist organization, exposing power abuse and advocating reform.

On the other hand, the Palm Beach Post says on their editorial standards that “[They] will explain to audiences [their] journalistic processes to promote transparency and engagement.”

Rich Christie manipulatively stated amidst the report, that the Post “also allocate[s] and spend[s] a great deal of our resources (again, time and money) on enterprise and investigative journalism. We do this because we know that you not only expect us to cover that breaking news story, but to also dig deeper; asking tough questions that will bring some accountability to issues and concerns.” The article is referencing the sugar cane smoke report.

However, contrary to what readers would be led to believe by listening to the Post, ProPublica, a liberal activist organization with a large budget, funded the left-wing, environmentalist story. ProPublica has come under fire for taking funds from George Soros, a left-wing billionaire who has funded groups connected to Antifa. According to a report from Fox News, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation backs ProPublica, along with other liberal groups.

Those outraged at the Post/ProPublica report point out that instances like these are why media trust in America is at an all-time low: liberal activism is being masqueraded as “objective journalism.”

Conservatives criticize this kind of manipulative media behavior, voicing their support for a return to investigative, objective reporting with as little bias as possible.

Media outlets like Florida’s Conservative Voice and The Capitolist are committed to objective reporting and exposing biased, activist propaganda, disguised under the title of journalism.

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