Parents Upset to Find Books Detailing Sex in Middle School Library

August 31, 2022 Updated 2:26 PM ET

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY (FLV) – Parents voiced concerns to the Hillsborough County Public School Board Tuesday after finding “appalling” school library books including one that details gay sex and how to use a “hookup app.”

“This Book Is Gay” by Juno Dawson was found in the Pierce Middle School library catalog. Parents were especially concerned that the book details “the ins and outs of gay sex.”

“Why is there that none of you have made any effort to vet these very pornographic books in our schools? Please explain to me why none of you have any issue with blow jobs, anal sex, masturbation, sex toys, handjobs and pedophilia just to name a few topics that are accessible to our children,” said Moms for Liberty member Alyssa Hines during public comment.

Other parents detailed how the book labeled “This Book Is Gay” detailed how to use the “hookup app” called Grindr using “kid friendly language like blowy.”

Hines was troubled after finding several books available to students when she searched “sex instruction” in the library media catalog.

“I’m sorry, but I refuse to accept the reason for these books to be available to our children and public school libraries because it accommodates the needs of our children,” Hines said. “Who in our community needs our children to go make a sex app profile to meet up with local strangers for sex?”

“This book is gay” showed up in the Pierce Middle School, Middleton High School, and Tampa Bay High School library catalogs.

The Florida Standard was the first to report the outrage from parents. They report that the media specialist for each school is responsible for adding new books.

Florida’s Voice has previously reported on parents upset to find transgender transitioning picture books in the Sanibel Public Library kid’s section. After several meetings, the library board ultimately decided to keep the books in the section.

The Clay County District School board cut off a speaker’s microphone for reading explicit material as he tried to expose inappropriate books found in school libraries. 

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