Patriot Talk Show Highlights 07/20/21

By Brendon Leslie, Florida's Voice

July 21, 2021 Updated 7:00 PM ET


by: Tyler Shaw

This past Tuesday Brendon Leslie hosted another great podcast at Seed to Table, co-hosted by Drew-Montez Clark and Alfie Oakes. This week’s podcast featured two very special guests, Alex Bruesewitz and Ivory Hecker.

Our patriots introduced their first guest, Alex Bruesewitz, CEO of X Strategies. Brendon and Alex kicked off the podcast by announcing that Brendon will be suing several news organizations for defamation including Florida Politics, Fox 4, and the New York Times. Our patriots talked about how each of these news outlets have accused Brendon of being an insurrectionist, in reference to the capitol riots on January 6th, when in fact Brendon was onsite in a professional capacity as a journalist. Alex emphasized the importance of holding the media accountable saying, “The New York Times thought that they could get away with defaming [Brendon], but he said, ‘hell no’ and he filed a massive lawsuit.”

Our patriots introduced their second guest, Ivory Hecker, a Project Veritas whistleblower. Brendon opened the conversation asking Ivory why she chose to go to Project Veritas and blow the whistle on Fox 26. Ivory told our patriots that her reporting was being ‘muzzled’ by Fox 26 and that their executives were more interested in pushing a leftist narrative than reporting the truth. Ivory challenged her fellow journalists to be brave and speak out when their bosses are not upholding their journalistic integrity saying, “I challenge any corporate employee who feels like journalism is being compromised to hold your bosses feet to the fire.” 

The patriot talk show concluded with our patriots talking to Ivory about her experience blowing the whistle on Fox 26 with Project Veritas, news stories that Fox 26 was refusing to cover, and the dangers of oligarchies silencing journalists today in places like Cuba. Ivory pointed out, “There’s something important to recognize that happened in Cuba. When there was that uprising that we haven’t seen in decades, the communist dictatorship immediately shut down the internet and that is what we see in these totalitarian regimes.”

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for the podcast! Join Brendon Leslie and his co-hosts for the next podcast at Seed to Table and live streaming every Tuesday at 7pm. We hope to see YOU there!

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