September 4, 2021

Patriot Talk Show Highlights 08/31/21


By Brendon Leslie

By Tyler Shaw

September 4, 2021 Updated 6:24 P.M. ET

This past Tuesday, Brendon Leslie hosted another great podcast at Seed to Table co-hosted by Drew-Montez Clark and Alfie Oakes. This week’s podcast featured President Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and his wife Debbie Meadows.

In this week’s show, Mark Meadows shared his experience working as President Trump’s Chief of Staff with our patriots. He also spoke with our patriots about the failures of the Biden administration including the administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Mark concluded by praising President Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis and Congressional candidate Drew Montez-Clark.

“Donald Trump was America first, Joe Biden is America last, and quite frankly we know that all of this could’ve been avoided … sadly 13 patriotic military men gave their lives. But you know what? They will not be forgotten and candidly we have to hold Joe Biden accountable.” -Mark Meadows

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to this week’s podcast! Join Brendon Leslie and his co-hosts for the next podcast at Seed to Table and live streaming every Tuesday at 7pm. We hope to see YOU there!

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