Patriot Talk Show Highlights 09/21/21

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:04 PM ET


By: Tyler Shaw

September 24, 2021 Updated 3:51 P.M. ET

This past Tuesday, Brendon Leslie hosted another great podcast at Seed to Table co-hosted by Drew-Montez Clark and Alfie Oakes. This week’s podcast featured former United States Army Green Beret and owner of Shoot Center, Aaron Forum.

During this week’s episode of the Patriot Talk Show, Aaron shared his experiences serving as a Green Beret in Afghanistan, he also explained why the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a complete and utter failure, and he concluded by telling our patriots that he is currently raising money to relocate and Afghan interpreter and his family who served alongside him in Afghanistan. 

“What happened in Afghanistan? Well, we took it from the Taliban primarily with CIA, Army special forces guys (Green Berets), and a whole lot of air support. We spent 2 trillion and then we gave it back to the Taliban and we left behind Americans and Afghans who helped us. There you go.” -Aaron Forum.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to this week’s podcast! Join Brendon Leslie and his co-hosts for the next podcast at Seed to Table and live streaming every Tuesday at 7pm. We hope to see YOU there!

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