Patriot Talk Show Highlights 7/6/21

By Brendon Leslie, Florida's Voice

July 7, 2021 Updated 6:54 PM ET


by: Tyler Shaw

Tuesday, Brendon Leslie hosted another great podcast at Seed to Table with his co-host Drew Montez-Clark. This week’s podcast featured a great guest, Bob Rommel, a member of the Florida House of Representatives for the state’s 106th District.

Our patriots kicked off the podcast by introducing their guest, State Representative Bob Rommel. Our patriots talked with Bob about a local ordinance that’s being voted on in Collier County regarding the Bill of Rights. Bob commented saying that every local official should vote in favor of this ordinance because it is the responsibility of local elected officials to uphold the Bill Of Rights. He stated, “Anybody who votes against this should be sent out of office. As a matter of fact, that day if they vote against it they should get up and resign.”

Our patriots continued with Brendon Leslie recapping a bombshell announcement that he made last week. The New York Times recently released a documentary titled, “How Trump supporters took over the capital.” In the documentary, the New York Times took a video clip out of context from Brendon’s reporting of the event to make him look like an insurrectionist rather than a journalist who attended the event in a professional capacity. Brendon announced this past week that because of this he will be taking legal action against the New York Times simply put, “I’m suing the s*** out of the New York Times.” 

The talk show concluded on the topic of education. Our patriots discussed how this past week 5,000 teachers signed a petition saying they would ignore Florida law and continue to teach critical race theory in public schools. Brendon talked about how we know that critical race theory is being taught today in Florida’s public schools, recapping a bombshell news story from Florida’s Conservative Voice just a few short weeks ago. The story centers around information obtained by someone who came forward about the issue of CRT at Babcock Ranch Charter School. “[Critical race theory] is teaching black kids that they are oppressed and that white kids are oppressing them.” said Brendon.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for this week’s podcast! Join Brendon Leslie and his co-hosts next week at Seed to Table and on live stream Tuesday, July 13th at 7pm. We hope to see YOU there!

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