Poll Finds DeSantis-Signed Restrictions on K-3 Sexual Teachings Vastly Popular Among Americans

August 21, 2022 Updated 10:01 AM ET

DeSantis Kids

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – A new Washington Examiner-YouGov poll found that a strong majority of U.S. adults agree with Gov. Ron DeSantis’ and Republicans’ new Parental Rights in Education Act, HB 1557. The law bars classroom instruction for grades K-3 on sexual orientation and gender identity.

When respondents were asked whether students should be taught those topics, 67% they were opposed to the lessons and 53% strongly opposed. 59% favored moving those restrictions for fourth and fifth grade.

Support for teaching the lessons went up when students entered high school, the poll found, with only 38% opposing lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity for students of that age range.

The poll asked respondents about whether schools are teaching K-12 students what to believe about race. 58% of respondents, and 51% of Democrats, believed schools serve this function either somewhat or very often.

50% said they think public schools are teaching students to accept certain views on sexuality, including 40% of Democrats, 49% of Independents, and 65% of Republicans.

YouGov vice president Carl Bialik said the poll revealed a “significant divide” between what Americans want taught in schools and what they believe is being taught.

The poll’s sample size was 1,000 and was conducted from August 12-15 with a margin of error of 3.3%.

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