Poll: Florida Voters Concerned Most About Inflation

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

September 20, 2022 Updated 5:32 PM ET


TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – According to a new poll from the James Madison Institute conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, Florida voters are overwhelmingly concerned with inflation over other issues.

The poll found that the top issue of concern was inflation and the costs of consumer goods (42%), ranking much higher than immigration (9%) and gun control (8%).

83% of respondents said controlling inflation should be the top regulatory priority of Congress over big-tech regulation, while 9% disagreed.

The poll found that if Congress were to move forward with tech company regulation, Congress should prioritize legislation to prevent cyberattacks (25%), increase security measures to better protect children online (18%), and alert customers involved in data breaches (18%).

“Voters in Florida are very clear; they’re concerned about the economy and inflation and believe acting on policies to break up American technology companies is not only unfair, but will also increase prices on consumer goods,” said Robert Blizzard, a partner at Public Opinion Strategies. “Pursuing policies in Washington like antitrust is a lose-lose situation. Focusing on these policies could actually be detrimental for lawmakers seeking reelection.”

“The poll confirms that Florida voters don’t want heavy-handed government regulations that will increase prices and stifle innovation,” said Sal Nuzzo, Vice President of Policy, The James Madison Institute. “As inflation continues to stifle the economy, voters are right to demand their elected officials focus on the kind of free-market principles that will lead to lower costs on everyday goods.”  

The survey included 600 registered voters in Florida via an online sample. The survey was conducted from Aug. 29 to Sep. 1, 2022.

Gov. Ron DeSantis commented on the latest inflation report of 8.3% over the year, blasting the mass printing of money and mass spending.

DeSantis said inflation went up a tenth of a percent because, “China is still locking down incredibly – brutal lockdowns – so the world demand for oil and energy is a little artificially lower than what it would be.”

He said, although inflation numbers went down, there was still an increase overall.

“[When] you go in and you print trillions of dollars… Of course you’re gonna get inflation! […] What is their response, and what are they trying to do to quote ‘reduce inflation?’ They pass a bill that they’re calling the Inflation Reduction Act which is going to INCREASE inflation!” DeSantis said.

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