Pro-Cuba Florida Protests Occur Despite Democrats Claim DeSantis Riot Law Prohibits Them

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:20 PM ET

Tuesday, demonstrators throughout Florida expressed their strong support for Cubans opposing the socialist, communist dictatorship. 

Protestors ultimately blocked a highway during their demonstration, waving Cuban and American flags.

South Florida houses the largest Cuban American population in the United States. Many Cubans long to travel to the United States to flee socialism, which has resulted in lackluster healthcare, out of control inflation, famine, and more.

In 2020, President Trump expanded his win margin in Florida from 2016 largely due to growing Hispanic support in areas like Miami. Democrats are increasingly seeing the state as a lost hope for the next several election cycles.

The protests take place despite Democrats like Florida House Representative Omari Hardy (D) proclaiming on Twitter that Cubans protesting in Cuba are doing what they “can’t do in Florida” because of Governor Ron DeSantis’ “anti-protest” law.

The “anti-protest” law Hardy refers to strengthens law enforcement and civilian self-defense flexibility on declared riots becoming violent and violating property rights.

The law does not prohibit peaceful protests.

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