Problematic FL Environmentalist Amendments Presented Misleadingly

March 22, 2022 Updated 11:17 AM ET


October 8, 2021 Updated 7:29 P.M. ET

FORT MYERS, FL – is attempting to get five new environmentalist amendments placed on Florida ballots in the upcoming election. The amendments are summarized and framed in a manner to appeal to voters.

Florida’s Conservative Voice Owner & Editor-In-Chief, Brendon Leslie, interviewed professional conservationist Travis Thompson of the podcast “Cast & Blast Florida” to gather insight on the true ramifications of these amendments if they passed.

Thompson described FL5’s attempts at amending the Florida constitution as showing a “huge disconnect from true conservation.”

Florida Right to Clean Water

FL5 frames this amendment as guaranteeing a simple “right to clean water for all Floridians and Florida waters.” The summary of the ballot reads that the measure would simply achieve this “right.” 

“I want clean water, you want clean water,” Thompson remarked. However, he pointed to the slippery slope of granting a “right” to all Floridians. Malicious lawyers could spawn a hellfire of litigation.

He argued that the amendment would fracture the system of responsibility over Florida’s water bodies away from groups like the Army Corps of Engineers. 

“If you fracture it, that house is coming down.”

Florida Iconic Species Protection

FL5 says that this amendment “enhances protection” for various species in Florida by banning recreational and commercial hunting of these species, along with providing a “private right of action.”

Thompson remarked that the amendment would effectively deprive the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) legal responsibility over Florida’s species. 

Speaking to the pragmatic aspect of the amendment, he argued that “No one’s going to hunt [these species],” he argued, other than the black bear.

Florida Wetlands Protection Amendment

This amendment “enhances protection for Florida wetlands,” FL5 says. It prohibits draining, dredging, filling or other “degradation” of Florida wetlands. 

Thompson remarks, again, that the amendment sounds good on the surface, but would be deeply harmful if it passed.

“There is a disconnect around how the permitting process works for development, for building, for things like that, where DEP [Department of Environmental Protection] fits in, where your local county commissions fit in,” he said.

He pointed out that Floridians are already doing a lot of restoration work. In some cases, conservationists are filling in canals. This would be prohibited under the new amendment and would result in massive amounts of lawsuits.

Captive Wildlife Hunting Ban

The amendment would prevent captive wildlife hunting. The ballot summary simply elaborates on this as to “prevent animal cruelty,” and serve other purposes like to “protect the public health of Florida citizens.”

Thompson characterized this amendment as the “silliest” amendment.

The amendment is targeting “high fence” hunting. He said that very few Floridians are raising animals to hunt them, which is a prime behavior this “bizarre” amendment targets.

Thompson noted that behaviors like this are already tightly managed by the state because of the legal classification of livestock.

“You’re allowed to do what you want [on your property and with your animals],” he said, despite noting the behavior makes him uncomfortable. 

Florida Toll Road Expansion Ban

FL5 describes this amendment as prohibiting the “construction or expansion of toll roads on conservation and rural lands,” saying they destroy natural systems. 

“We can’t enter into this stuff as combatively as these amendments are,” Thompson argued, saying he even disagrees with the locations of some toll roads.

He noted that Florida will need more toll roads in the near future.

The left-wing proposed amendments are examples of a broader manipulation and propaganda tactic seen in various social movements, such as “Black Lives Matter.” The average person agrees that clean water is important, but they might not understand the extent of the amendment and damage the amendment causes.

Travis Thompson will be our guest on the Patriot Talk Show Tuesday, October 12th.

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