Prominent MSNBC Producer Wrongfully Claims DeSantis-Targeted Districts Are “Largely Black”

April 12, 2022 Updated 8:46 AM ET


April 12, 2022 Updated 8:44 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Governor Ron DeSantis plans to draw and submit a congressional map for the Republican-controlled Florida legislature to approve in the upcoming Special Legislative Session on April 19.

However, left-wing pundits are spreading misinformation on the districts in question.

Major congressional districts in question by DeSantis’ team are District 5 and District 10, held by Democrat U.S. Representatives Al Lawson and Val Demings, respectively.

DeSantis argues that the districts are drawn in an effort to explicitly promote black representation, meaning they discriminate against other races. Additionally, the districts in question are not black-majority districts, meaning they cannot be argued to be “majority-minority” district, where one racial group is granted representation.

Critics of these districts say that they violate the United States Constitution for racially gerrymandering districts that do not fall under the Voting Rights Act – they must be majority black for this to be true.

Lawson’s district is 47.3% black, while Demings’ district is 28% black – neither are majority-minority.

Kyle Griffin, the Executive Producer for MSNBC who has 1.3 million followers on Twitter, falsely claimed that the GOP-controlled legislature is set to approve a DeSantis map that “wants to carve up to largely black districts.”

As noted, the districts in question are below the mark of greater than 50% majority needed.

An NBC News article also falsely refers to the districts as “largely black,” despite their minority status overall.

Republicans have said that they will allow DeSantis to present its own map during the session for the legislature to approve.

DeSantis submitted his own map during the regular Legislative Session over the past few months, but Republicans approved a ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan B’ that went against DeSantis’ wishes. He vetoed the maps and called for the Special Session for redistricting.

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