Publicly Funded NPR Member Station Tweets Leftist Rhetoric, Swiftly Deletes

February 23, 2022 Updated 4:50 PM ET

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February 23, 2022 Updated 4:42 P.M. ET

JACKSONVILLE (FCV) – WJCT News, a National Public Radio (NPR) member station, sent out a tweet containing leftist opinionated rhetoric which was swiftly deleted.

Christina Pushaw, the Press Secretary for Governor Ron DeSantis (R), called out the news station, saying, “Did you forget which account you were logged into?”

WJCT is a non-profit organization based in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a member station of NPR, a media firm that receives taxpayer dollars.

This tweet’s wording represents that of a Democrat partisan or left-wing extremist, insinuating that the “GOP playbook” has a negative connotation.

In the tweet, WJCT states that DeSantis is spreading misleading claims about Democrat Tracye Polson.

NPR has been long criticized as being state propaganda, and now with a Democrat in power, conservatives are even more troubled that public funding goes to a left-wing slanted media outlet.

According to Influence Watch, NPR is a “quasi-autonomous, government-funded nonprofit media outlet created by the federal government.”

“Many member stations are partially or entirely financed by local or state governments,” they report.

Mocking the NPR subsidiary, Pushaw joked that WJCT are “mad” that the “Defund The Police” movement is not prevailing in Jacksonville:

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