REPORT: Dan Crenshaw Tried to Get Pro-MAGA Consultant Fired from Cory Mills’ Congressional Campaign

August 22, 2022 Updated 10:34 AM ET

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CLEARWATER (FLV) – Alex Bruesewitz, CEO of conservative and Trump-friendly political consulting firm X Strategies, told Florida’s Voice that U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-TX, tried to pressure FL-7 Congressional candidate Cory Mills into firing the firm off his campaign.

Mills is running in a heated GOP primary against rival Anthony Sabatini. Other candidates in the running include Erika Benfield, Brady Duke, Ted Edwards, Russel Roberts, Al Santos, and Scott Sturgill.

Sabatini’s campaign regularly calls Mills, a Trump-appointee to the Department of Defense as an advisor, a “RINO” and “pretending to be MAGA.”

“There’s misinformation going on about my Friend [Cory Mills],” Bruesewitz Tweeted. “Mills is NOT an ally of [Dan Crenshaw]. Crenshaw called Mills in early Jan & told him to fire me because I hurt Dan’s feelings. Cory didn’t listen. Then deranged Dan endorsed an idiot named [Brady Duke] out of spite,” he explained.

“Brady Duke is a warrior, patriot and man of conviction, and I whole-heartedly endorse him to serve the people of Central Florida in Congress,” Crenshaw said of Duke.

Bruesewitz went on: “[Cory Mills] is a good man who stood by me when the Deep State tried to cancel me. He’s been a strong supporter of mine after the losers on the [January 6th Committee] subpoenaed me. He won’t be controlled by the swamp.”

“I never considered firing Alex after Dan approached me,” Mills told Florida’s Voice. “Alex is one of President Trump’s fiercest defenders and believes in what I believe in, putting America First,” he said.

Bruesewitz regularly slams Crenshaw over various issues like sending aid to Ukraine, criticizing Tucker Carlson, praising Liz Cheney, attacking conservative talk show host Alex Jones as a “grifter” and “con artist,” and more.

The consultant told Florida’s Voice that Mills has “proven he is not afraid to stand up to the swamp and stand with MAGA” after he refused to fire Bruesewitz off his campaign. “He stood by me and never waivered. I will always respect Cory for that.”

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