Republican Corey Simon Clinches Win Over Democrat Incumbent in State Senate Race

November 8, 2022 Updated 9:27 PM ET

Simon Ausley

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Republican Corey Simon won in the State Senate District 3 race against Democrat incumbent Loranne Ausley. 

“As a kid, my mom fought to ensure I had access to opportunities that far exceeded the confines of our neighborhood. I got into this race to be a voice for the children and families across this district who are far too often forgotten. I want to thank them for trusting me with North Florida’s long-overdue seat at the table in the Florida Senate,” Simon said.

“As I have criss-crossed this district, I have promised folks in diners and at rallies, on their front porches and in the barber shop that no one will work harder or fight more to help build access to their American Dream. Tonight, that work begins.” 

Simon is a former NFL football player who previously served as CEO of Volunteer Florida and began a success center to mentor the underserved population. Ausley has served in the state legislature since 2000 and has served on a variety of boards for organizations.

There has been a contentious fight to win over Senate District 3, which encompasses a large portion of the panhandle including Tallahassee. 

State Senate Democrats launched a statewide bus tour, making the Tallahassee district its first stop. Democrats called it the “Florida Freedom” statewide bus tour ahead of the election, while Senate Republicans dubbed it the “B.S. Express.”

Criticism sparked when a Democrat-funded campaign mailer depicted Simon on a shooting target with bullets underneath and a gun positioned on the bottom left. The mailer also showed school children on shooting targets. The ad attacked Simon’s political stances related to guns in schools. 

The ad was paid for by the Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which City & State reports is led by Democrat Sen. Lauren Book. Republican leaders and parents who lost their kids in the Parkland school shooting had harshly criticized the ad. Senator Book had defended the mailer. 

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