Republican U.S. Rep. Maria Salazar Re-Elected to Represent South Florida

November 8, 2022 Updated 8:59 PM ET


MIAMI (FLV) – Republican U.S. Rep. Maria Salazar will keep her seat to represent Florida’s 27th Congressional District after beating State Sen. Annette Taddeo in the tight race. 

The race has been close throughout the campaign as both candidates tailored their messages to the Hispanic population. 

Salazar’s first term as congresswoman began in 2021. She is a former five-time Emmy Award-winning journalist with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Salazar has spoken strongly against socialism as her Cuban parents fled Fidel Castro’s regime for the United States. 

Taddeo spent much time in politics as the Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair from 2013-2016 and served in the state Senate from 2017 to 2022. Taddeo and her family fled Colombia to the United States. 

Taddeo has been criticized throughout the campaign for her ties to socialistic groups and ideas. One of the ads called out Taddeo for “huddling” with the Miami chapter of a socialist group. 

A 2018 instagram post from the Miami-Dade County chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America thanks Taddeo for “coming through to support.” The GOP also called out Taddeo for her past comments calling on Florida to lockdown in March of 2020.  

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