Republican voters are rejecting the establishment and embracing the America First agenda

June 20, 2022 Updated 3:18 PM ET

It’s been the question on everyone’s minds. Which direction will the Republican Party move?

A lot of talking heads in the mainstream media urged the GOP to distance themselves from President Donald Trump after the events of January 6th. We saw 10 RINO’s in Congress vote yes in Trump’s second impeachment trial. America Last Congressman, Adam Kinzinger, out of Illinois, was one of the first and loudest sellouts from the right.

He became the poster child of the mainstream media, aka Democratic Party.

Kinzinger began the “Country First” political action committee in order to find and support Never Trumper candidates throughout the nation. Most recently, Michael Wood in the special election of Texas’ 6th US Congressional District.

It was a real concern, could this RINO divide the Republican party enough to give the Left the upperhand in future elections? Well, after Wood’s complete failure in Texas, it’s safe to say, Kinzinger is nothing more than an annoying gnat buzzing around.

Wood finished 5th place among Republicans with just 3.2% of the vote in that special election. This defeat came after dropping liberal quotes, one after the other, like “I don’t want to go to Congress if I have to lick Donald Trump’s boots to get there”.

Well guess what? The voters just overwhelmingly sent the GOP a message, Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party and we want our America First agenda back.

A sentiment Kinzinger’s Republican primary challenger, Catalina Lauf, shares with me.

“Instead of spending his time working to serve the people of Illinois, Adam Kinzinger has spent his time raising money from Democrats, appearing on MSNBC, and now, backing a fellow Never-Trumper in Texas who came in 9th place with 3 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, our campaign has all the momentum because we are running to build on the success of the America First agenda and continue the progress created under the Trump administration. They say you learn more from your losses than from your wins – and after watching his handpicked fellow RINO get trounced, maybe Adam Kinzinger has learned that this is still 100 percent the Party of Donald Trump.”

Catalina Lauf

What society needs to understand, Donald Trump did far more good than bad. He pulled back the curtain and exposed the Left for the corrupted Communists they are, he exposed the media for the fake news they are and he exposed the establishment for the RINOs they are.

Well guess what? After a few months of President Joe Biden and Kinzinger’s anti-American rhetoric, we the people, have had enough.

Lauf and many other strong conservatives are coming and they’re going to win. She stands for everything we the people hold dear, our rights, law enforcement, military, strong borders and so much more.

Donald Trump doesn’t need to be President in order to win. You see, he already did by inspiring people like Lauf and so many others to step up and take back our Government that’s suppose to work for us and not the other way around. That’ll be Trump’s legacy.

Wood’s election loss is a great sign of what’s to come, more America First Republicans getting into office and RINO’s, like Kinzinger, being sent to retirement.

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