Republicans Increase Lead to Almost 150,000 Over Democrats in Florida: Scott Presler

May 26, 2022 Updated 3:28 PM ET


May 26, 2022 Updated 3:26 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – There are approximately 145,000 more Republican registered voters than there are Democrats registered in Florida, according to new estimates from well-known conservative activist Scott Presler. 

As of March 31st, Republicans had an advantage of 111,535 voter registrations. Since then, Presler said new data showed Republicans have probably gained more than 20,000 registrations once voter roll purges are factored in. Supervisors of elections intermittently complete voter data purges, he explained.

The massive registration change is being overseen by Chairman Joe Gruters, a state senator.

Presler reviewed new data for every county in Florida with the exception of Miami-Dade that does not provide results daily. Presler used Miami-Dade County’s March 31st data when factoring in the recent Republican gains. He has traveled through battleground states like Florida encouraging people to register as a Republican.

Republicans have steadily been making voter registration gains since 2021. In 2020, Democrats had a lead of approximately 97,000. Presler said Florida gains about 10,000 new Republican voters every month.

“We never had more Republicans in the history of the state until I became Governor,” DeSantis said in April. “I think people do appreciate a free state and I think they appreciate a lot of what we’ve been able to do.”

Democrat strategists have even said liberal groups are pulling back their efforts to sway voters in Florida. They are reducing voter-outreach efforts because of unwillingness from out-of-state donors to pour resources into Florida.

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