Research Group Claims DeSantis has 2nd Worst LGBTQ Reputation, Only Measures Based on Biased Media Coverage

May 19, 2022 Updated 9:29 AM ET


May 19, 2022  Updated 9:28 A.M. ET

ST. PETERSBURG (FLV) – Florida Politics reported that “research shows Ron DeSantis with second-worst LGBTQ reputation of any Governor” based on a consulting firm – Signal AI – that measures LGBTQ reputation based on biased media coverage.

“The research shows DeSantis’ actions around LGBTQ issues generated 131 negative stories in top-tier media and newspaper coverage in a timespan spreading from April 1, 2021, to April 30, 2022. By comparison, there were 61 positive stories,” Florida Politics reported.

The report is based solely off biased media coverage from “top-tier” media. It is unclear which specific media outlets this involves, but many left-biased outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, Newsweek, Vox, the Miami Herald, and the Tampa Bay Times could be included.

However, the data did show that DeSantis drew the most positive media attention – 61 stories – out of the 10 governors most associated with LGBTQ issues.

The researchers are biased against DeSantis, saying in their study that DeSantis’ signed Parental Rights in Education Act was dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” for “marginalizing LGBTQ+ people.” The researchers did not provide the accurate name of the law, nor did they explain that the bill does not ban the use of the word “gay” in schools.

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