Ron DeSantis Aiding in Devasting Montana Floods, Says Florida Will ‘Deploy Resources as Needed’

June 22, 2022 Updated 3:50 PM ET


June 22, 2022 Updated 3:49 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis directed the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FLSERT) to deploy personnel to Montana in aiding flood-recovery efforts.

“In response to the devastating flood impacts in Montana, I have directed @FLSERT to deploy personnel through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact to assist in response and recovery efforts,” he Tweeted.

“Florida will continue to monitor the situation and deploy resources as needed.”

Montana has seen devastating floodwaters threatening to cut off fresh drinking water to parts of the state.

“None of us planned a 500-year flood event on the Yellowstone when we designed these facilities,” Debi Meling, the city’s public works director, told the Associated Press.

The waters swept through Yellowstone National Park and unleashed destruction on surrounding communities.

Find photos of the devastating Montana floods here.

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