Ron DeSantis Endorses 10 Candidates for Local School Board Races

June 20, 2022 Updated 1:00 PM ET

DeSantis campaign event

June 20, 2022 Updated 12:15 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis has weighed in on state and local races for the 2022 elections. The Governor announced he endorsed 10 local school board candidates Monday. 

“I am proud to endorse 10 local school board candidates who will set our children up for success,” DeSantis said. 

The “10 pro-parent” candidates include: 

-Mildred Russell, Alachua County District 2

-Megan Wright, Brevard County District 1

-April Carney, Duval County District 2

-Charlotte Joyce, Duval County District 6

-Aly Legge, Hillsborough County District 6

-Roberto Alonso, Miami-Dade County District 4

-Monica Colucci, Miami-Dade County District 8

-Bridget Ziegler, Sarasota County District 1

-Timothy Enos, Sarasota County District 5

-Fred Lowry, Volusia County District 5

The endorsement is part of the DeSantis campaign’s “DeSantis Education Agenda” initiative. The campaign launched an initiative that allows show school board candidates and members to take a survey. The survey will reveal whether they align with the Governor’s education priorities. 

The campaign said it will ensure parental rights in education and combat “woke” agendas. 

DeSantis Campaign Launches Initiative to Show School Board Candidates, Members if They Align With Governor

“Parents across Florida should ask school board candidates and their current school board members how they scored on the DeSantis Education Agenda,” said Dave Abrams, DeSantis re-election campaign senior advisor.

The survey includes questions about teacher compensation, workforce development, masking in schools, school choice, increasing school safety measures, banning Critical Race Theory (CRT), and curriculum transparency with parents. 

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