San Francisco Locks Up Skin Care Products in Contrast to Red FL

By Madalyn Stonebraker, Florida's Voice

April 13, 2022 Updated 3:35 PM ET


April 13, 2022 Updated 3:33 P.M. ET

SAN FRANCISCO (FCV) – A drugstore in San Francisco is locking up their skin care products due to high crime rate and democratic leadership.

Antonio García Martínez, a New York Times best-selling author, recently tweeted a photo that showed a Walgreens in San Francisco locking away their inexpensive beauty and skin care products.

Martínez said, “Every item in this SF Walgreens is under lock and key. There’s practically nothing you can buy without having to call an associate to unlock something.”

“I’ve never been in a country that lives this way.”

These products usually are worth $20-$50 and customers now have to request for an employee to come and unlock the product for a purchase to be made. 

San Francisco is an area of high crime that is run by Mayor London Breed, who is a member of the Democratic Party, as well as a city council that is dominated by Democrats.

Florida and other red areas of the country do not see these instances in their communities of drug stores having to lock up makeup and skincare products, unlike more expensive products like game consoles and other technological items typically locked behind a case.

Critics point out that because of failed Democrat leadership, San Francisco has no other choice but to lock away inexpensive makeup items and skin care products because of the uncontrollable crime rate that is seen in the area.

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