School Board Cuts Speaker’s Mic as he Reads ‘Pornography’ Found in School Libraries

July 12, 2022 Updated 1:10 PM ET

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July 12, 2022 Updated 1:09 P.M. ET

FLEMING ISLAND (FLV) – The Clay County District Schools cut off a speaker’s microphone for reading explicit material as he tried to expose inappropriate books found in school libraries. 

Bruce Friedman, who represents No Left Turn in Education, started to read the book “Lucky” by Alise Sebold on June 30th

“Tonight I am going to give a sampling of three books that are in our libraries,” Friedman told the board. “And then you can discuss the process by which these books get on the shelves. Because there’s a Clay County employee who got paid to put this book, Lucky by Alise Sebold.”

As Friedman announced for kids’ ears to be closed before reading the book, Friedman’s microphone was turned off. 

“I’m going to stop you right there sir,” Friedman was then told. 

“Why?” Friedman asked. 

“The problem is, sir, as these meetings are broadcast, there are people at home that are watching it on YouTube, there are people that are watching it on community television,” Friedman was told.

Friedman was told he would get the microphone back, but could not read the “pornagraphy” because it violated the law. 

“There are state laws that prohibit in federal communications laws that prohibit you from publishing these things to a child. You don’t have the you don’t have the ability at this point, determine who’s watching the television show,” Friedman was told at the meeting.

Friedman later put a poster in front of a school board member. The poster had explicit material from the books typed on it.

Ruth Bannon, a concerned resident in the county, brought the book “Tricks” by Elen Hopkins that she found in school libraries. 

“It contains numerous sexual and explicit excerpts involving minors, there are also excerpts containing explicit child rape and abuse, illegal drug use, alcohol consumption, and prostitution of adults and minors,” Bannon said to the board. 

“My hand. This is on page 105,” Bannon said. 

Bannon was interrupted by the same member who cut off Friedman’s mic. 

“If you start reading vulgarity, I will shut the mic off. I’ll have it shut off. You can’t do that,” Bannon was told. 

Bannon said she found it interesting that the books are in the library for kids to check out but she could not read them in front of the school board. 

“That’s my whole point, is to point out that this shouldn’t be in the library. How does this improve anybody’s character?” Bannon said. 

The school district told Bannon to submit the publication for review. 

Child Gender Transitioning Picture Books Found in Cape Coral Library

Another parent complained to the school board about other books where the summary shows a minor having sexual contact with an adult. 

Clay board members reportedly passed six resolutions on June 30th to amend policies and procedures in response to Gov. Ron DeSantis signing HB 1467, which will create lists of books in elementary school libraries. The public must reportedly also be told when new instructional books are approved. Objections to the material can be documented by the state. 

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