School Board Member Falsely Claims Rep. Randy Fine Faked Venmo Images for Reporters

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

May 30, 2022 Updated 3:28 PM ET

Florida State Rep. Randy Fine in the Florida Capitol, May 25, 2022 (@NewsGuyGreg, Twitter).
Florida State Rep. Randy Fine in the Florida Capitol, May 25, 2022 (@NewsGuyGreg, Twitter).

May 30, 2022 Updated 3:20 P.M. ET

BREVARD COUNTY (FLV) – Brevard County School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins was called out for falsely claiming Republican State Rep. Randy Fine created fake Venmo payment images of her account.

Jenkins lied on Twitter about Fine doctoring pictures of Venmo payments from her account and then giving them to the news outlet Florida Today. 

“Remember when you created images of fake Venmo payments from my account and gave it to FL Today? And then got mad they didn’t publish them?” Jenkins said to Fine on Twitter. “I think he who smelt it dealt it. You are pathetic.”

But that is in fact not what happened. Florida Today editor Mara Bellaby quickly set the record straight. 

“Dear Ms. Jenkins: there seems to be a misunderstanding. Our reporter asked you about venmo payments we saw when your account was public. You explained and we saw no story. No documents or screenshots were provided by anyone,” Bellaby said. 

There has been an ongoing feud between Jenkins and Fine. The state representative has criticized Jenkins and the Brevard County School Board for requiring mask mandate at schools.

A Brevard judge dismissed Jenkins’ “cyberstalking” case against Fine earlier this year. The State Attorney announced in January Fine would not face criminal charges stemming from Jenkins’ complaints.

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