Bedford Public School Libraries to Give Parents Alerts on Which Books their Student Checks Out

July 22, 2022 Updated 2:39 PM ET


July 22, 2022 Updated 2:39 P.M. ET

BEDFORD COUNTY (FLV) – Bedford County Public Schools released a plan to update parents on which books their students check out.

“Our parents are our best allies. We want to work with everyone,” chief learning officer Karen Woodford said.

Via an automatic email service, parents are set to receive notifications showing what books their child checked out at their respective school library. Parents will be allowed to opt out.

The school library website plans to have more information, including book reviews and “synopses,” on various book titles – resources for parents to learn more about what their child is reading.

The plan comes after Bedford County parents were reportedly challenging some books in their public school libraries.

Brevard County Teacher Raising Money to Give Kids Books ‘Challenged’ in Schools Due to ‘Explicit Content’

The News & Advance reports that superintendent Marc Bergin is “enthusiastic” about the notifications for parents, saying that they should be “aware of what their child is reading.”

A vote to approve the plan is set to take lace in August by the school board.

Parents may challenge the listing of books they find inappropriate for school libraries, but the challenged books will remain until the outcome of the case. A committee convenes to make a final decision on whether to restrict or permit the challenged book. However, the review process may change to include a secondary book review committee, News & Advance reports.

Parents Outraged to Find ‘Inappropriate’ Gender Transitioning Children’s Books at Sanibel Public Library

In Florida, recent reporting unearthed a plethora of books that parents found troubling.

“It just feels like it’s grooming because these aren’t children that are aware of this at all,” one parent, Chelsea Sweiss, said about books found in the Sanibel public library. “They’re not reaching out to people because they’re dealing with something.”

“They are introducing the idea and they’re specifically targeting young children who are very easily manipulated,” Sweiss said.  “It was kind of hidden with the very small children’s books and it just feels completely inappropriate to be teaching little kids.”

Rejected Math Textbook Publishers Removed ‘WOKE’ Content, Added to FL Adopted List

In public schools, the Florida government rejected several textbooks that were found to contain “woke” content that they claimed were attempting to “indoctrinated” students via Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning.

“We have high standards and reject books with unacceptable content because we know that publishers can easily adjust their materials to meet our guidelines, as displayed by the fact that it took less than two weeks for additional publishers to amend entire books, resubmit them and get put on the adoption list,” Florida Department of Education Press Secretary Cassie Palelis said. 

The Florida Department of Education released examples of Critical Race Theory in some of the rejected textbooks, but did not refer to specific publishers. 

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