Sen. Ted Cruz Exposes Idiotic Liberals, Media Bias with One Tweet and an Assist from The Babylon Bee

February 15, 2021 Updated 1:16 PM ET

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Senator Ted Cruz of Texas blew up the internet with this harmless tweet.

Cruz is retweeting an article from the popular, satire site The Babylon Bee. The Senator actually tweets about them often, poking fun at how accurate the parodies can be. A simple search of his timeline will show that, something Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee did and “journalists” didn’t.

Here are some reactions from “unbiased fact-checkers”.

Kyle Griffin is a Senior Producer at MSNBC. Let that sink in, he’s one of the higher ups at one of the most well known news outlets in the world. He claims to be a fact-checker, but is mostly known for slanted interpretations against conservatives. Cruz masterfully exposed Kyle’s real agenda.

This one is gold, Aaron Rupar is a “journalist” at the liberal bias outlet, Vox, which also pretends to be an objective news source. He tried to “own” Cruz with this tweet, but in reality, also exposed his real agenda.

UnBossed Reporting reached out to Dillon on this and he sent us this statement:

What on the surface looks like an effort to dunk on Ted Cruz is actually deeper than that. There are layers, here. The left has been laying the groundwork for censorship of The Babylon Bee for a long time. We are dangerous. We skirt too close to the truth. Bad people (i.e., conservatives) share our stories and dumb people (their followers) believe them. We must be stopped. What they’re trying to accomplish are two things with this attack: making Cruz look dumb, and making us look problematic. What they’re actually accomplishing is owning themselves. It’s hilarious, entertaining, and discrediting. Cruz has broken them and I’m here for it.

CEO of The Babylon Bee, Seth Dillon

As a logical and objective thinker, you would think the majority would understand the joke, unfortunately, they don’t. Just go read the replies to Cruz’s tweet. The ignorance displayed on the internet, nowadays, should be blamed solely on the media.

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