Senate President-Designate Kathleen Passidomo Announces Leadership Team

November 16, 2022 Updated 5:35 PM ET


TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Republican Senate President-designate Kathleen Passidomo announced which senators she asked to serve on her leadership team for the 2022-2024 Legislative Term.

Sen. Dennis Baxley

Passidomo asked Sen. Dennis Baxley to serve as the Senate President Pro Tempore and described him as a “man of great personal faith” who is deeply committee to family and community. She elaborated on his family welcoming children, grandchildren and foster children into their home over the years.

“Many of their foster children have chosen to make their permanent home with the Baxley family, which is a testament to the beautiful family Dennis and Ginette have created,” Passidomo said.

“Senator Baxley’s great respect for the dignity and value of each person is apparent, not only in his personal life, but also in his life’s work as a funeral director where he comforts grieving families, ensuring their loved ones are honored and respected.”

It would be a real honor for me to be elected by my peers as President Pro Temp, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have earned the trust and support of President Designate Passidomo. We’ve worked together for many years now, and I greatly respect her leadership, knowledge and skill. As a team, I’m confident we will serve our state well!

Sen. Dennis Baxley

Sen. Travis Hutson

Passidomo wants Sen. Travis Hutson to chair the Committee on Fiscal Policy, emphasizing their similar visions.

“Over the years, I have watched Senator Hutson master some of the most technical and complicated issues that have come before the Senate,” Passidomo said.

She elaborated on his passion to protect elections, enhance workforce education options, and protect small businesses.

“He has a keen knack for bringing stakeholders to the table, listening, and working to find common ground,” she said. “Travis shares my vision for the Committee on Fiscal Policy, and I am confident his diverse policy background and institutional knowledge will be a tremendous benefit to the Senate as he chairs this new committee.”

I am honored to get the chairmanship and be on the leadership team. Her and I have been talking for quite some time, three or four years now, on what the Senate would look like. We both envisioned it being a strong committee where it would hear a lot of bills that dealt with policy, but also with budgetary stuff. It gives senators more time to vet bills through the process before it goes to the floor.

I am excited about the role. Her and I share a lot in common in terms of being pro-business and making sure that people who want to come to Florida can find the businesses and the jobs that they want and have the opportunities of the freedoms that the governor preaches about.

Sen. Travis Hutson

Sen. Debbie Mayfield

Senate Majority Leader Debbie Mayfield was asked to serve as Chair of the Senate Committee on Rules. Passidomo described her as a loyal advisor, trusted confidante and good friend.

“She has always exhibited sound judgment and a fair-minded, reasonable and thoughtful approach to decision making that, I am confident, will be a great benefit to the Senate over the next two years,” Passidomo said.

Passidomo said Mayfield is respected by both Democrats and Republicans.

“As a former Rules Chair, I understand the responsibilities of the position and appreciate Senator Mayfield’s ability to remain thorough, deliberative, and decisive, regardless of the circumstance,” Passidomo said.

It’s a real privilege for me to be a part of Senate President Designate Passidomo‘s leadership team and serve as the Senate Rules Chair. For one, it’s an opportunity for me to follow in her footsteps. As Rules Chair last term, Passidomo played an important role in setting our chamber’s agenda and ensuring legislation was carefully evaluated.

Voters made clear this month that they want to see us fight for freedom, protect family values and mitigate the impacts of Biden’s dangerous economic policies. I look forward to working with President Designate Passidomo to advance these priorities in service to our great state.

Sen. Debbie Mayfield

Sen. Doug Broxson

Sen. Doug Broxson as asked to serve as Chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

“I trust his instincts, as well as his decision-making process, particularly when it comes to the budget and have asked him to serve as Chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations,” she said.

Passidomo spoke about Broxson’s history writing the K-12 budget.

“It is a tough job with no shortage of worthy investments to consider. Senator Broxson really took time and learned as much as he could about how we teach our students to read. We know identifying a struggling reader early can change a child’s entire life, and I appreciate the passion Senator Broxson has for this critical issue,” she said.

Passidomo noted the respect Broxson has for people he meets and disagrees with.

“He gives great thought and consideration to every issue before him, and I know he will show that same level of care when working with each Senator on their own budget priorities,” Passidomo said.

I have known and worked with Senator Passidomo for 12 years. She will be a great leader and I look forward to serving as part of her leadership team to provide Floridians a prosperous, safe and healthy state.

Sen. Doug Broxson

Sen. Ben Albritton

Sen. Ben Albritton was asked to serve as the Majority Leader for the Senate. Passidomo described Albritton as the “gentleman of the Senate” who is courteous to people crossing paths.

“When you meet Senator Albritton, his manners are just the first indication of a life guided by faith and family, and steeped in the history, values, and legacy industries that have made our state famous across the country and around the world,” Passidomo said.

She elaborated on his background as a 5th generation Floridian in a line of farmers, ranchers and business owners.

“Like so many, Senator Albritton answered the call to public service because he saw the impact of government on his family’s business. Throughout his years in the House, and here in the Senate, he has always been a strong voice for the private sector businesses who create the jobs families and communities need to thrive,” Passidomo said.

“He is an advocate for living within our means and keeping taxes low, because he understands every dollar government has to spend is taken from a family or business who earned it. He is a strong ally for parents because he understands the rights and responsibilities that come with raising a child belong to parents, not the government.”

I’m very blessed to be put into an important role such as Majority Leader in the FL Senate. I’m going to fight tirelessly to uphold our Republican values, support our incoming President Passidomo, and make the voters in Florida proud to have given us a Super-Majority!

Sen. Ben Albritton

Sen. Keith Perry

Rounding out Passidomo’s leadership team is Sen. Keith Perry who built his business from the ground up.

“Even with his tremendous success, Senator Perry has never forgotten his roots. During the pandemic, he fought hard to keep Florida free and open because he believes in the dignity of work and believes government should never take away the right of a person to provide for their family,” Passidomo said.

Passidomo said Perry has a common sense perspective on a variety of issues.

“He has always been a strong advocate for the hardworking, blue collar men and women of our state, especially skilled laborers who are willing to do the difficult and dangerous work needed to keep our communities growing,” she said.

It’s an incredible honor to be included on Senate President Passidomo’s leadership team. As far as my assignments, I will defer to the discretion and pleasure of the Senate President and I look forward to continuing to serve my constituents and the people of the great state of Florida.

Sen. Keith Perry

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