February 12, 2021 Updated 3:02 PM ET

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A shopper confronted Seed to Table, Alfie Oakes, about why he won’t force people to wear masks. What comes next, is a long list of false information from this individual.

Watch the full conversation here.

First of all, she proves how brainwashed people are. Right off the bat she asks Oakes what he has against masks?

Here’s the first piece of false information. Oakes has said on record, DOZENS OF TIMES, he’s only against mask mandates. He doesn’t feel right forcing them because it’s not a real law.

A few seconds later, she pulls down her mask and says she doesn’t need it because she got “two shots”. Under normal thinking, she would be correct, but if she’s following what Dr. Anthony Fauci is saying (willing to bet she is) then she’s wrong. In recent interviews, he’s stated on numerous occasions, Americans should be wearing masks after they’re vaccinated.

Next part of the conversation has the shopper pushing another lie, “everyone thinks you’re against masks because of the sign out there”.

Seed to Table’s Sign on their Front Door

I’m not sure why people always say things like that, clearly they’re not actually reading the sign. No where on it does it say you’re not allowed to wear a mask. Instead it states the store doesn’t have a right to ask you about it.

Oakes then goes on to clearing the air, for the one millionth time, saying if you want to wear a mask, you’re welcome to.

Well, that led to one more lie stated by this shopper, “the law says they have to wear them”.

This is the biggest lie pushed by the media. There are zero laws enforcing masks. County ordinances are not law and even a judge recently ruled in Oakes favor saying Collier County cannot fine him for not following the ordinance. Code and law are very different. In order for a bill to become a law, it must go through the legislative process, which hasn’t happened for masks, anywhere in the nation.

The rest of the conversation is a back and forth debating Covid-19.

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