State Attorney Clears State Senate Candidate Jonathan Martin, Says Not Credible Due to Political Bias, Lack of Corroboration

August 18, 2022 Updated 12:29 PM ET


August 18, 2022 Updated 12:28 P.M. ET

FORT MYERS (FLV) – The State Attorney’s Office cleared State Senate Candidate Jonathan Martin for alleged battery, citing lack of corroboration and political bias.

“I am glad to see our system of justice worked in this case. An accusation was made by a political opponent for political reasons, the accusation was investigated by law enforcement, the information collected was handed over to the prosecutor who then made a legal decision based on all the evidence,” Martin said.

“Despite the click-bait corporate media headlines and political smear campaign accusations, the truth won out.”

The State Attorney’s office said they received a report of an alleged prior battery at a Lee County Republican Party meeting in June. The victim said that during the event, Martin placed his hand on his shoulder and requested he stop recording and attempted to turn off the phone.

Thyey said the victim’s video does not corroborate the defendant ever touched the victim’s shoulder. The video did not show any touching by Martin. Additionally, several statements did not include the touching of the should and instead “exaggerated the touching to include pushing.”

“They also seemed to have an interest in the political contest that the defendant is currently involved in,” the memo said. “This bias and the extreme difference from the victim’s allegations make them not credible.”

The State Attorney’s office said the allegation by the victim does not amount to battery. Martin had a right to ask the victim to stop recording since it was a private event.

“Based on the above, there is insufficient credible corroborative evidence to prove the charge and overcome legal defenses beyond a reasonable doubt,” the memo said. “Therefore, the charge will be declined.”

Martin applauded the State Attorney for thoroughly reviewing the case.

“I will continue moving forward with my team on the campaign trail, advocating for the people of Lee County, and standing with Governor DeSantis and my Senate colleagues as we work tirelessly to protect the conservative values that keep Florida free,” Martin said.

Gov. Ron DeSantis endorsed Jonathan Martin for State Senate District 33. Martin is the Lee County Republican Chair.

“Jonathan Martin is a conservative fighter for Southwest Florida. I am pleased to support him for Senate District 33. He will be a strong ally for our agenda,” DeSantis said.

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