State House Candidate Christina Meredith’s Foster Care Claims Disputed by Guardians: ‘Let Them Know the True Story’

August 17, 2022 Updated 3:17 PM ET

Former legal guardians of Christina Meredith, Keith and Linda Toucey.
Former legal guardians of Christina Meredith, Keith and Linda Toucey.

August 17, 2022 Updated 3:10 P.M. ET

JACKSONVILLE (FLV) – Florida’s Voice Founder and Editor-in-Chief Brendon Leslie interviewed former legal guardians of District 17 State House candidate Christina Meredith, a Republican. Scroll to the end of the article to watch the full thing.

Her former legal guardians, Linda and Keith Toucey, disputed some of Meredith’s claims made in her book, CinderGirl: My Journey Out of the Ashes to a Life of Hope.

In the book, Meredith presents herself as a “product of the foster system” and has used that as part of her personal story in her campaign. Her guardians told Florida’s Voice that they were never employees for the foster system.

“She endured years of abuse before entering the foster care system,” Leslie read from the book. “She had nowhere to turn,” it went on.

Keith told Leslie that Meredith went to Linda and disclosed “circumstances at home” and “issues” regarding her uncle.

“She fit into the family. We had a number of other children who were in college… It was something we really wanted to do,” Keith said.

“She asked us and we had no problem. She was a joy to be around,” Linda chimed in.

“Why would she write this book?” Leslie replied. “I suspect that she created her own narrative… The narrative of being in a family that was well balanced and providing for her didn’t fit what she ultimately wanted to do,” Keith said.

Tearing up, Linda said she did not know why Meredith claimed she felt ‘raped’ at a gynecology appointment. “The people that know us, now, we would never do that. But the people that don’t know us – they think somebody really did that. That hurts.”

Linda said her and Keith were under the impression they would adopt her until Meredith explained she’s moving out.

They also disputed a claim about Keith’s good friend, “Russ,” passing away.

“He had a brain tumor … she didn’t even get that right in the book. She remembered it something else and she said she stayed with him while he died,” Linda explained. “It’s like the book was [little facts changing] to make for a better story and it’s sad it was driven to that.”

On the reason for lack of media coverage on the guardians’ point of view, Keith said interviewing them “contradicts what they’ve already gone ahead and shown and supported.”

“Let them know the true story … So many people did so much for her, and some how it got twisted in that book to make it be that she survived on her own,” Linda said.

“Would you say this is a con?” Leslie asked.

Linda replied: “I know the chapter we’re in is, and we’re the only chapter that she didn’t use the real name, so she must have felt that way deep in her heart as well.”

Florida’s Voice reached out to Meredith for comment on her former guardians’ claims. In response, she said, “I stand by every word that I wrote In my book. My siblings and I were victims. It’s the perpetrators that should do the explaining.”

“I’ve made a good life out of horrific tragedies. I thank god I am able to use my voice to help others who’ve endured childhood rape and abuse. To that end, I will not be shamed by those that wish my further harm,” she went on.

Watch the full interview below:

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