STUDY: DeSantis Proven Right on Lockdowns Being Ineffective, Even Harmful

February 2, 2022 Updated 5:16 PM ET

February 2, 2021 Updated 4:43 P.M. ET

BALTIMORE (FCV) – According to a new scientific study from Johns Hopkins University, COVID-19 ordered lockdowns had effectively no noticeable impact on COVID-19 mortality rates in the United States and Europe.

It is difficult to capture all direct causes and factors contributing to mortality of any cause, but the study concluded a mere 0.2% measured decrease in COVID-19 mortality from lockdowns, a change so small it is unclear lockdowns are the clear and sole cause of the decrease.

The researchers said that the study shows “little to no public health effects” from lockdown policies. However, they noted that “they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted.” The study’s results confirm Governor Ron DeSantis’ anti-lockdown stance.

“In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument,” they said.

The researchers noted that lockdowns limit people’s access to basic amenities that are good for health like outdoor parks and beaches. People were forced to meet indoors in areas like private homes.

The study went on to conclude that the pandemic was host to other major public health consequences like drug overdose deaths, suicides, mental health problems, and domestic violence.

The findings coincide with the views of DeSantis who has been adamantly anti-lockdown since the earlier stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. DeSantis recently said he wished he were more vocal in his opposition to some of President Donald Trump’s (R) lockdown rhetoric and orders early in the pandemic.

At his State of the State Address last month, DeSantis repeatedly emphasized Florida as a “free” state from biomedical security policies in blue states like California and New York who have been long-term advocates of lockdowns.

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