December 28, 2021

Sun Sentinel Misleadingly Reports Florida’s “December surge” of COVID


By Eric Daugherty

December 28, 2021 Updated 9:20 A.M.

MIAMI (FCV) – Monday, the Sun Sentinel penned a misleading report claiming that “Florida’s December surge in new cases is now the most severe of the pandemic,” with a graphic of surging COVID-19 cases:

Perplexed readers are asking why the Sentinel does not lead off, and craft the headline with the more important metric: hospitalizations and deaths, which are included further down in the article, where less people read.

Hospitalizations have hardly risen since the “December surge” began almost a month ago.

The article was written by David Schutz and parroted misleadingly on Twitter by Cindy Goodman, who included no context for the misleading headline:

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