Susan Plasencia on Historic Win: ‘People Are Tired Of The Woke-ism and What Smith Stood For’

November 10, 2022 Updated 2:14 PM ET

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OVIEDO (FLV) – In a historic win for Republicans, Susan Plasencia was victorious in the State House District 37 race against incumbent Democratic Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith in the 2022 Midterm Election.

District 37 is a newly drawn district in the area west of Titusville, including parts of Oviedo.

In an exclusive post-win interview with Florida’s Voice, Plasencia says her win has a large part to do with what her opponent (Smith) stands for.

“People are tired of the ‘wokeism’ and what Smith stood for – what he stands for quite frankly.’ The particular brand of progressivism that he stands for, as far as I’m concerned, is communism with lipstick.”

Lifelong Democrats told Plasencia that they voted for her because they don’t like what Smith stands for.

Plasencia says people are tired of being told what they can and can’t do – relating to parental rights in education.

“We want to be able to, as parents, decide what’s best for our children- we are the heads of our family. The type of progressivism that he [Smith] practices is the type that says ‘no no, the children don’t belong to you – we tell them what to do – we tell them how to think,’ and that, I think, was the line in the sand for everyone and said – we had enough.

Smith was a fierce opponent of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education Act bill, which prohibits teachers in grades K-3 from instructing students on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Democrats falsely labeled the bill “Don’t Say Gay,” although the bill would not actually prevent the saying of the word ‘gay.’

Florida’s Voice Founder and Editor-in-Chief Brendon Leslie also previously asked Smith if he believes the viral image of the girl attending a revealing drag show was “appropriate,” to which Smith responded, “my opinion is irrelevant.”

In a separate Twitter thread, one user quote tweeted Smith, saying he bullies parents who do not want teachers to talk about their sexuality with their kids.

Smith replied, “Cry harder.”

In addition, Florida’s Voice reported private investigators leaked photos trying to claim Plasencia doesn’t live in the district she’s running for, which was incorrect ahead of the election.

Red Wave or DeSantis Dominance?

Plasencia says we will have to wait and see if the Republican dominance in Florida means anything for the rest of the country.

“Florida leads by example – and we have set a very good example about how we can work hard, how we can represent all constituents, how we can be accessible, and how we can be fair in the laws that we create that give us the freedoms that we need to live.”

DeSantis’ statewide victory is the largest win by a Republican governor in at least a century, defeating Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist by nearly 20 points.

Many traditionally blue counties were flipped red, including Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Osceola, Hillsborough, and Pinellas, throwing doubt into the narrative that gerrymandering was to blame for Democrats’ losses.

“Ron DeSantis has shown what it’s like to be a leader – and how to be a leader for ALL Floridians […] He helped support everyone else down ballot – me included. Everyone wants the same thing – I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican, we all want the same thing. We all want individual freedoms to live your life as we see fit.”

Heading to the House

Plasencia says she would like to present a bill in the House is to provide due process for police officers on the Brady List.

The Brady List is a public-facing database of information about police misconduct, public complaints, use-of-force reports, and more, according to the website.

“It’s a list of bad police officers is what it is – it’s a list of police officers that behaved in ways they shouldn’t have. Defense attorneys can use that to impeach the witness because of course law enforcement are witnesses on the stand.”

Plasencia says once you’re on the list, you can’t get off and you can’t be employed anywhere.

“What I disagree is, right now there is no due process for good officers to get off the list. Just by being accused, you’re on the list. So I’d like for Florida – like some other states – to provide due process for the law enforcement officers so they have an opportunity to present their case as to why they should not be on the list.”

“If they’re bad officers they should be gone. If they’re good officers, we need to keep them.”

Plasencia also wants to rethink vocational antiquated laws regarding vocational licensing.

“I’d like to see more qualified people be able to apply for licenses and get to work earning more money,” she said.

She also supports school choice for parents, saying most parents want to continue to exercise the authority they have on where their children should be educated.

Plasencia says her door is open and she is excited for the future of Florida.

“I’m looking forward to meeting more people in the district. As people have questions, concerns, complaints – feel free and call me -my door is open. Party affiliation makes no difference to me, I’m representing every person in District 37.”

Plasencia continued that she is feeling appreciative and excited for the future.

“I appreciate all the well-wishes – all the support – all the encouragement that I got from voters and I’m excited about whats coming in the future, whats happening in the next days, the special session, and what 2023 brings,” Plasencia said.

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