T.K. Waters Wins Race for Jacksonville Sheriff

November 8, 2022 Updated 10:02 PM ET

tk waters1

JACKSONVILLE (FLV) – Republican T.K. Waters won against Democrat candidate Lakesha Burton in the race for Jacksonville Sheriff Tuesday.

Waters has spent 31 years in law enforcement and has served as the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Chief of Investigations since 2019. He created the office’s Violence Reduction Section and helped build the Custom Notification program.

Burton is a 20-year veteran of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and served as assistant chief of the Community Engagement Section and a zone commander in the Division of Patrol and Enforcement.

Waters campaigned on adding more police officers to the streets, improving technology to fight violent crime, targeting violent criminals and gangs for prosecution, building trust through community outreach, and effectively using taxpayer dollars.

Burton campaigned on changing the organization’s culture, centering public safety strategies on community policing, establishing trust in Jacksonville neighborhoods, and ensuring conservative spending.

In August there was a complaint filed against Burton for allegedly violating campaign laws. Burton allegedly accepted duplicate contributions to her campaign and violated Chapter 106.08(3) for Florida Statute defining the contribution limits for countywide office as $1,000.

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