The Media Lied about President Trump’s Call to Georgia’s Secretary of State

March 15, 2021 Updated 6:24 PM ET


We all know the story. The Washington Post came out with a ‘bombshell’ report against then President Donald Trump in December. Anonymous sources said the President urged Georgia’s Secretary of state and top election officials to “find the fraud” and they would be a “national hero”.

Despite not hearing the actual phone call, WaPo ran the story. Then every other major outlet followed ship and posted the report, citing the paper as the source of information.

Fast forward to today, WaPo made major retractions to their reporting. They finally listened to the phone call and said they misquoted President Trump. Editor says those quotes never happened and they were provided wrong information by their source.

Too late, the damage is done. How much you want to bet the recording played a major role in the state’s Senate runoff elections in January? Do Republicans lose those seats if that report wasn’t published?

The media is an extension of the Democratic Party. No longer do they care about the truth, just a juicy scoop that’ll give them good ratings and take down Trump.

An even bigger scandal is how every other media outlet reported this information without confirming it for themselves. It shows you my previous point is true.

If I’m Trump, my lawyers are suing ASAP.

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