Tiffany Esposito Beats Opponent in Republican Primary for House District 77

August 24, 2022 Updated 6:01 PM ET


LEHIGH ACRES (FLV) – Tiffany Esposito is the Republican nominee for the House District 77 race.

Esposito secured 70% of the vote against Ford O’Connell who received about 29%, according to preliminary election results.

“It sends the message that voters want to be represented by someone that shares their principles, has a connection with them, and is willing to work in order to earn their votes; rather than stroll in from Washington DC and try to buy the election as a steppingstone to their next political ambition,” said Terry Miller, who is Esposito’s political consultant.

Miller said Esposito knocked more than 6,000 doors personally to meet voters. There are deep roots here since Esposito was born, raised, and spent her professional career in Southwest Florida.

“That contrasted greatly with her opponent who was running solely to for his own political advancement,” Miller said. “Southwest Florida has been burned in the past by self-funders that did not share their conservative values.”

Esposito has shifted her attention to the November election where she will face Democrat Eric Engelhart.

“Her focus has quickly shifted to ensuring we defeat a liberal Democrat that will do everything in his power to block Governor DeSantis and his conservative agenda to keep Florida the freest state in America,” Miller said.

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