Top 5 Most Liberal Biased Florida Reporters for the Week of 12/26-1/2

January 3, 2022 Updated 9:58 AM ET


Florida’s Conservative Voice Presents the Top 5 Most Liberal Biased Florida Reporters of the Week: Every week, FCV will rank the worst reporters covering Florida politics. Our team, and readers, have noticed a stark uptick of fake news “journalists” that are consistently lying or misleading the public on Florida affairs in politics, ranging from Governor Ron Desantis to COVID-19. In an effort to promote more journalistic integrity, these individuals will be cited for their attempts to mislead the public.

January 3, 2021 Updated 9:30 A.M. ET

5: Fabiola Santiago

Fabiola Santiago made last week’s list at number 1. Don’t be fooled by her number 5 slot, though – she is still misleading her readers like the rest of this week’s list!

In a Miami Herald opinion piece titled “This was the year that kept on giving pounds of grief in Florida – and a pinch of joy,” Santiago bashes Ron DeSantis and “Trumpsim,” claiming that because of high COVID cases, the pandemic is “much worse now.”

She goes on to argue that DeSantis’ “hobby horse” is to “peddle medication over life-saving vaccines.”

First, just because case totals are higher does not mean that the pandemic, overall, is worse. Deaths and hospitalizations are way down compared to the Delta variant peak, and Omicron is much less deadly.

Second, monoclonal antibody treatments are life-saving medications. DeSantis promotes both the vaccine and monoclonal treatments. In fact, in Florida’s “Healthier You” initiative, vaccination is encouraged. The lies do not stop.

4: Aaron Rupar

Left-wing ‘reporter’ Aaron Rupar published a Tweet on December 29th reporting on Florida’s COVID situation, saying that Florida reported a “record of 46,923 cases.” Florida’s more important metric – hospitalizations and deaths – are actually much lower than the Delta variant surge despite higher cases.

In a hilarious reply to himself, Rupar said that he knows that “New York reported more cases today,” but claimed that conservatives should not “pretend that DeSantis has all the answers.”

That’s not what conservatives are doing, Aaron; they are saying that freedom and liberty work while tyranny is failing in blue states.

3: Joy-Ann Reid

On December 30, Reid falsely claimed on Twitter that DeSantis is “sunning his belly on vacation:”

In a self-debunk reply, she went on to say that it “remains unclear” if DeSantis is on vacation:

If it remains unclear, Joy, why did you falsely claim he is on vacation? Why are left-wing journalists not fact-checking this, as FCV did?

2: Steven Lemongello

In the Orlando Sentinel, Steven dubbed an article headlined “DeSantis is ‘blurring the lines’ using state plane for campaign-style events, watchdog says.”

From reading the headline, and the first few paragraphs of the ‘news’ article, the reader is convinced to believe that DeSantis is, perhaps illegally, using taxpayer funds to campaign for himself.

When you read the entire article, it becomes clear that this is not the case, with Christina Pushaw pointing out that “There’s no coordination between the state office and the campaign.”

This “watchdog” hilariously used DeSantis’ press conferences involving political speech with “political chants.”

If politicians cannot talk politics, then every major Democrat is also guilty and Steven at the Orlando Sentinel should look into officials like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who consistently talk politics at press conferences.

1: Evan Donovan

In a Tweet on December 30, Evan uses a tweet from Christina Pushaw to falsely claim that DeSantis is “on vacation:”

Firstly, Pushaw never said that DeSantis is on vacation. In fact, DeSantis has had an active schedule for all but a couple days of December, and worked on New Years Eve.

Secondly, and perhaps even more troublingly, Evan completely disregarded the fact that DeSantis’ wife is battling cancer

Evan – supporting your cancer-diagnosed wife and getting your family through one of the toughest battles someone can go through – cancer – is not a vacation.

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