Trump to Announce Class Action Lawsuit Against Big Tech

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:23 PM ET

Wednesday, Axios reported that former President Donald Trump will announce a class action lawsuit against Facebook and Twitter on the behalf of those unfairly suspended.

The announcement will be made at 11 AM.

The suit will be filed against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey of Twitter.

The America First Policy Institute is supporting the impending lawsuit.

Conservatives on social media predicted a lawsuit from Trump when he announced actions coming against big tech earlier this year after he was banned from social media.

The bans came after the January 6th protests and riots.

Trump’s incoming lawsuit comes after Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new law that would protect Floridians who were unfairly banned from Big Tech social media platforms by providing legal avenues for remedy.

The law also prohibits Big Tech from banning public officials and candidates for office.

Trump’s announcement will be made in New Jersey at his golf club.

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