Twitter Conservative Purge: Conservatives See Substantial Drops in Following

By Karoline Tyrrell, Florida's Voice

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:30 PM ET


Today many conservatives noticed significant follower drops on Twitter. This latest Twitter purge seems to be timed quite nicely for the left.

In past days and weeks, the right has seen lots of momentum. In recent hours, right-leaning Twitter accounts and figures have seen sudden follower declines. 

With today being Flag Day and President Donald J. Trump’s birthday, there is a lot going on in conservative media and talk. Conservatives have been on a roll. Not to mention the recent developments with Fauci and COVID-19 origins, the list goes on. 

The conservative domination of social media platforms, like Twitter, is intolerable to the left. So removing conservative followers is the solution? Many have lost hundreds, some thousands of followers today alone. Ian Miles Cheong, pro-Trump conservative commentator, tweeted his follower loss this afternoon of 1,500. This number has increased throughout the evening. 

Brendon Leslie, the founder of Florida’s Conservative Voice, saw a near 400 followers drop this morning alone. 

Some have lost 500 followers and counting like SallyThatClemsonGirl linked here. Other conservatives have lost over 10,000 followers, and are currently blocked from following anyone, like Cheryl Bowman

Numerous large and small Twitter accounts have felt today’s attack on conservatives. Even I lost almost 100 followers since this morning. The thing is, this attempt at censorship and cancel culture will not prevail. Today has been one of the most community binding days for conservatives due to the Twitter purge. 

Many have lost followers and some have lost their accounts today. However, the support rallied by conservatives has restored many followings since this morning. Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT for America, lost and regained most of her following from this morning already. 

Conservatives rally together in large and small ways. We fight for our First Amendment rights and refuse to let cancel culture suppress us. 

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