US Congressman Byron Donalds Rips Covid Stimulus Package

March 1, 2021 Updated 1:22 PM ET

byron donalds

US Congressman Byron Donalds, a Republican representing Southwest Florida, held a press conference in the Capitol in front of other freshman Representatives.

A maskless Donalds stood before the media and opened up by saying he tested positive for antibodies. Going on to say he does not need a mask and won’t spread the virus.

“We need to start talking about the things that are real and not the things that are fake” Donalds said. “The reality is if you have antibodies, you’re actually okay”.

A strong opening statement from the Congressman, setting the tone for the rest of his speech.

Congress passed $4.1 trillion in Covid relief last year. Donalds says $1 trillion still hasn’t been spent. Last week, a Democratic controlled house rushed another package through. This time for $1.9 trillion. Donalds is here to set the record straight.

“Only $500 billion goes towards either Covid-19 or money to help the American people” Donalds says. “That’s it. $1.5 trillion is waste”.

Donalds alleges Democrats know this is waste but they’re afraid to vote against the bill and lose favor with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“That’s real. That’s what’s actually happening up here on Capitol hill”. Donalds goes on saying, “I hope the mainstream media actually reports those facts”.

The Congressman wraps up the press conference by saying the American people are being taken advantage of. Also saying a majority of Americans would not support this bill if they knew how much money is being wasted.

Donalds made a lot of solid points. The media is fixated on the $1,400 stimulus checks the middle class would be getting and forget to hold the rest of the package accountable.

The media is scared to go against the grain. Resulting in fake narratives Donalds won’t tolerate any longer.

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