VA Schools See COVID Cases Down 93% After Mask Mandate Ends, DeSantis Vindicated Again

March 28, 2022 Updated 8:03 AM ET


March 28, 2022 Updated 8:02 A.M. ET

RICHMOND (FCV) – According to Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 daily case data throughout the pandemic, after Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin removed the mask mandate for the state’s schools, cases saw a sharp decline.

Currently, cases among children aged 0-19 have dropped 93%.

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As Ian Miller, who aggregated the data, said, “There is quite literally no evidence or data based argument to support forcibly masking kids in schools,” alluding to Democrat talking points that Republican governors like Ron DeSantis not implementing school mask mandates was ‘endangering’ kids and the community.

DeSantis did more than not implement a mask mandate: he made it illegal for districts to institute mask mandates, and has backed a budget measure to deprive high-salary administrators of $200 million for defying the novel Florida law that prohibits the mandates without opt-out forms.

It has now gone mainstream that masks were not only ineffective in schools, but lockdown policies caused negative health effects across the board.

DeSantis has consistently held the belief that mask-wearing and lockdowns were not only violations of basic freedom and liberty, but also did not solve the problems Democrats claimed they did.

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