Video of DeSantis Arguing with Hannity About FBI Raid is Fake, Footage from 2020

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

August 13, 2022 Updated 1:28 PM ET


August 13, 2022 Updated 1:21 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – A video depicting Gov. Ron DeSantis arguing on Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Laura Trump about the FBI raid on Former President Donald Trump is fake, editing in footage of DeSantis in 2020.

At the time of reporting, it has over 1.5 million views.

DeSantis can be heard saying, “It is not a raid – they were serving valid process in accordance with the laws and constitution of the United States.”

“To say it’s a raid is disinformation,” he says, as Hannity is resumed to be interrupted by DeSantis saying, “Excuse me, excuse me.”

As the video goes on it is clear DeSantis and Hannity are being paused and rewound, but many users watching only the first few seconds believed it was real.

The footage of DeSantis is from a 2020 press conference where DeSantis explained why Florida agents raided Rebekah Jones, arrested and charged with a felony after she turned herself in to a Leon County Detention Facility in 2021.

The home was raided to carry out a warrant surrounding an investigation into a specific message sent on a state communication system, NPR reports.

“DeSantis is taking this opportunity to slide right into the GOP nomination for POTUS,” one user said, garnering almost 1,000 likes. “Trump is toast.”

“Why are Sean Hannity and Steven Tyler arguing with Ron Desantis?” another said.

“OMG!! How great is that? It’s difficult to believe that Ron DeSantis actually stood up for the rule of law… Hannity cut him off as soon as he could & did not let him get the last word! Laura was not happy!” one user said.

Timothy Burke claims the video is obviously doctored, despite his viewers celebrating the remarks, believing DeSantis is defending the raid on Trump’s home.

Burke claimed “Democrats aren’t morons,” when one user pointed out Twitter would do a fact-check on a similar video composed by conservatives, despite Trump-critical viewers believing it is real.

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