Video Surfaces of Charlie Crist Meeting with Member of Nation of Islam

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

September 22, 2022 Updated 12:58 PM ET

crist abrupt interview

TAMPA (FLV) – Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist joined in a meeting with a member of the organization Nation of Islam (NOI), which has been deemed a hate group for its anti-Semitic theology by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing group, said the NOI believes in the “innate black superiority over whites.” The rhetoric of Nation of Islam’s leaders is known to be “deeply racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBT.”

Crist agreed to an interview in 2021 with Brother John Muhammad who joined the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam at age 21 in 1997. Muhammad is the Co-Founder of a multi sector non-profit organization based in the Tampa Bay Area.

Florida’s Voice reached out to the Charlie Crist campaign Thursday morning and will add a response if one is provided.

During the interview, Muhammad asked Crist about the “reallocation of resources” from police into “program that supports other methods of public safety.” He gave the example of a program dispatching mental health and social workers instead of uniform officers for those calls.

“I support exactly what the chief is doing,” Crist said. “It isn’t defunding, you’re correct about that. It’s reallocation and making sure there’s a balance to the approach.”

Muhammad has uploaded a sermon on his YouTube channel of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who, according to the SPLC, is an “antisemite who routinely accuses Jews of manipulating the U.S. government and controlling the levers of world power.” In 2018, Farrakhan compared Jews to termites in a tweet.

The SPLC lists a number of anti-Semitic quotes from members of the Nation of Islam:

– “Also pushing the federal government are the wicked members of the Jewish community, who have opposed every good deed and all of the good works of a good man,” member Richard B. Muhammad wrote in November of 2018.

– “These same Jews that are attacking the Minister are the blood relatives of the slave ship owners,” Nuri Muhammad said in 2018.

– “Who are the slumlords in the Black community? The so-called Jews. … Who is it sucking our blood in the Black community? A white imposter Arab and a white imposter Jew,” NOI national official Khalid Muhammad said in a 1993 speech.

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